Project Description

The luxury London apartment that features in this project is positioned in one of the capital city's most desirable and centrally located districts, Kensington. The Borough, which was given Royal status in 1901, plays host to a wide selection of popular parks, well known museums and almost every high street brand you can think of.

DesignPlusLight was employed to design a contemporary lighting scheme for the interior of this traditional residence and opted to illuminate the serene pool area with UFO products. Our fibre optic lighting was chosen due to the fact that no heat or electricity is contained within the end fittings, making it safest solution available for lighting wet and humid areas.

Working together with the London based lighting designer, we developed a custom 10° wedge prism lens that was applied to each of our pavers and used to cast vertical swathes of light over the walls that surrounded the pool area.

Strands of our end lit glass fibre connect the pavers installed in the ceiling, to our Vega LED light source that is located several metres away from the pool in a safe and dry environment. Thanks to the Vega's high light output, small unit size and cool and quiet running, it offers a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option for powering the fibre optic lighting than traditional tungsten halogen or metal halide models.

Project Details

  • Client: DesignPlusLight
  • Category: Wet Area Lighting
  • Completion: 2013

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