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    Welcome To UFO Lighting UAE
    For over 25 years, UFO have been at the forefront of the fibre optic lighting industry.
    Our lighting speaks for itself and is the reason top class lighting designers use us again and again.


From high powered metal halide to cool & quiet LED models, our range of light sources is unsurpassed in the industry. The light source (which is often also called a fibre optic projector or fibre optic illuminator) provides the illumination to any fibre optic lighting system. They contain the lamp or LED and any additional control gear to provide special lighting effects.


UFO Lighting offers a wide range of paver, downlight and speciality fittings for use with fibre optic harnesses. All are manufactured in-house by our experienced engineers using the highest quality materials. Some types serve the function of focussing and/or directing the light, while others give a purely decorative finish to the ends of the fibre.


UFO is the only manufacturer of raw fibre for lighting in the United Kingdom. Our harnesses are UK made and our manufacturing team have years of experience in building, randomising and polishing. This means you can be sure that you are purchasing a top quality product.


UFO lighting offers one of the largest and most diverse range of products specially manufactured to safely illuminate display cabinets and their contents. Our range of specialist display lighting components are stylish and functional yet can be amazingly discrete, and with the safety and easy maintenance that only fibre optic lighting can offer, you can be assured that you are investing in the best possible lighting solution.

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Offering the ultimate in versatility, the Attracta system comprises an extruded aluminium track which is paired with any number of magnetic Attracta fittings. The fitting's magnetic attraction to the track allows them to be freely placed, moved, slid and removed without any interference from wires or cables.


Linear LED Lighting System for Display Illumination With a choice of either fully positionable spotlights or a linear array of LED modules at close spacings which provides a complete wash of light, this product offers all the flexibility you need for illuminating display cases. Spotlights are fully tiltable and can be independently moved along the fixture and pointed exactly where you need them. There is also a choice of trumpets which offer either wide or narrow beam angles. Gantry systems also feature rotating corners so that the complete light bar can be rotated by 350°.

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Our comprehensive collection of contemporary LED light fittings will effortlessly transform the look and feel of any residential, architectural or retail application. Each of our fittings have been designed and engineered to the highest standard at out multi-million pound facility in the UK. We use only the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology to create duarable, quality products that will add drama to any lit environment.


Stunning fibre optic chandeliers designed and manufactured in-house by UFO. As we are complete systems manufacturers we have the in-house facilities to complete your project on time and to the agreed specification. We have the ability to construct the chandelier base from a variety of materials and in almost any shape or size.

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With our animated firework lighting you can create swirling and explosive bursts of colourful fibre optic light that will add an entrancing and exciting element to any room or venue including theme parks, nightclubs, casinos and cinemas. The captivating patterns of light are also suitable for use in outdoor signage and branding.