Project Description

Located on the famous Mersey waterfront, the Museum of Liverpool is the world's first national museum devoted to the history of a regional city. Housing more than 6,000 objects which bring Liverpool's incredible heritage to life, visitors can wander through the exhibits and learn how Liverpool's port, its people and its strong history have shaped the great city.

UFO's products were specified by display case manufacturers, Click Netherfield, to illuminate the broad spectrum of items on display within the Liverpudlian museum. Installed in the ceiling panel of each display case are adjustable downlights that can easily be rotated and tilted to accentuate specific details of the items on show.

Connecting each downlight to the light source are strands of our end lit glass fibre, which are concealed in aluminium tubes that run vertically from the roof to the floor of the cabinets. This clever way of masking the fibre in the corner of the cabinets ensures that the visitor's eyes are drawn to the items on display and not on the fibre itself.

A UFO Aurora tungsten halogen light source is used to power the fibre optics and is installed in the base of each cabinet for ease of access. The Aurora was chosen over metal halide modes due to the low noise and low heat that it emits, and the fact that it achieves full light output quicker than metal halide models which take a short time to heat up.

Images courtesy of Click Netherfield Ltd

Project Details

  • Client: Click Netherfield
  • Category: Display Lighting
  • Completion: 2011

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