Project Description

Located just 15 miles south west of central London, the attractive borough of Richmond upon Thames is a popular stomping ground for the rich and famous that favours its green space and close proximity to the city centre.

With its beautiful parks, historic houses, galleries rich with exhibits and town centre overflowing with the latest shops and restaurants, Richmond upon Thames really does rival any other borough in London.

When it came to renovating the private residence that features in this project, the owners knew that they wanted to make the most of the space that they had. They envisioned creating an aquatic haven that would also double up as a quirky entertainment space at the touch of a few buttons.

Tasked with fulfilling the lighting element of the brief, LightIQ specified our fibre optic products for the pool area and on the feature wall behind the pool.

More than 22 metres of our side emitting fibre has been set into a clear channel and recessed into the interior walls of the swimming pool to create a vibrant effect within the large room. The fibre is powered using a UFX metal halide light source with DMX capabilities that cycle through 9 different colour options.

On the wall adjoining the pool, our end lit fibre has been carefully fed through the mosaic tiles to write out a memorable family motto in braille. It's an entirely unique and quirky idea and highlights the countless ways in which fibre optics can be used to good effect.

Project Details

  • Client: Light IQ
  • Category: Wet Area Lighting
  • Completion: 2011

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